The "Team" of guys below are nothing more than a bunch of friends who started a hunting club back in the early 2000's. The premise of the club was that we'd all chip in everything we could contribute towards the cause of hunting birds. 

Hunting gear, landowner relationships, scouting duties, financial obligations - they all went into one pot for the greater cause of the group. 

The members of the crew have for the most part remained the same since the inception of the group.  We've had a few guys come and go, and as different members moved on from our team, they'd be replaced with a new member that bought into the same ideals and beliefs.

Today our team is as strong as it's ever been, and the bond that we share both in and out of the blind is as strong as a late season Canada goose.


Chris Bertrand

French Toast. Bacon.  Pepsi on the side.

Our newest group member, Chris has fit in perfectly with the guys and has been a huge asset to the team. An accomplished hunter in almost every aspect, Chris is happiest when he's chasing ducks in his backyard swamp.

Matt Neville

Jokes. Laughs. Cold Beer. 

Matt has been hunting birds his entire life. He learned everything he knows from his late father and is always up to chase birds at all times of the year. The perpetual jokester, Matt is always up for a good time. 

Ron Mutrie

Mentor. Teacher. Icon.

You know him as "the cigar guy", but we know him as the most knowledgeable bird hunter around. In his 50+ years of hunting birds, he's forgotten more about bird hunting than most of us even know and we're glad to have him hunting with us. 

Alfie Sicoli

Italian Stallion. The Big A!! 

If you can't have a good time hunting with this guy, then there's something wrong with you. The laughs never stop. He is truly the funniest guy we hunt with. Wanted...dead or alive. 

Alex Hynes

Youth. Energy. 10 gauge. 

He's been our apprentice since he was nine years old. He learned what he knows from the guys on this page and he has learned well. Now at 18 years old, he is now a very accomplished hunter. 

Jason Trudell

Coffee. Cigarettes. Light Beer.

"Noodle" as he's affectionately called, is a true duck hunter. 

Give him a boat, a few dekes, his dog and a shotgun and wave goodbye, because he'll be gone for the weekend.  

Steve Zadow

The Friendly Giant. The Big Z.

Steve doesn't hunt with us all too  often, but when he does, he always makes things fun. 

As easy going as they come, Steve's presence always makes the hunt more enjoyable.   

Mark Reinert

Trip Advisor. Travel Agent. Loyal Friend.

Mark is a guy who squeezes 30 hours into a 24 hour day. 

He always is ready for the next adventure and is two steps ahead of the rest of his world. 

Follow him for a day and you'll be drained.

Jason Smith

Traveler. Joker. Sarcasm at it's finest. 

Although Jason lives in the North, he has always made several trips a year to hunt with us.  As one of the original supporters of our brand he is now honored to be the newest full time member of our crew. We're glad to have him on board!!

Marc Lapierre

Founder. Leader. Organizer.

The brainpower behind the group and the company itself and the reason it all evolves is because of this guy. 

Marc is always a man with a plan and a goal to achieve it.