The Flock


We don't have a "Pro Staff"...

...because having a "staff" would insinuate that we have people "working" for us. Which would then suggest that bird hunting is a "job".

We want the people that promote our brand to do so because they believe in what it is we are trying to accomplish - not because they are looking for free stuff.  

So then how do I become affiliated with

We've been fortunate that other bird hunters we have encountered over the years have wanted to support our brand because they believe in what it stands for.

We tried the whole "pro staff" thing and found that it was at times more of a headache than what it was worth.

So what we've done is try and reward those who support us. 

How can you support then?

You want to support us?  Participate...

Follow us on social media.  Comment on our posts and send us pictures of your bird hunting adventures.  Buy a hat ... or a shirt and wear them to the blind.  Ask us for a sticker (they're FREE) and stick it on your truck, gun,or wherever.