Our Friends

The companies that you see listed below are NOT our sponsors. 

In fact, we don't have any sponsors, nor do we want any. 

We feel that if we to accept "sponsorship" from other companies, we would then be indebted to them in exchange for their products or services. 

Instead we CHOOSE to support these companies because we like them, but more importantly because they CHOOSE to support us. It's all part of our #ShareBirdHunting initiative where we help grow the bird hunting community regardless of compensation or "free stuff".

To our team, these are more than just companies that sell something...the people behind these logos have become our friends.


We feel that this is Canada's premier source for waterfowl decoys, gear, clothing and accessories.

 Pat and his staff go above and beyond to stock many of the top names in the waterfowl industry and bring them to Canadians at competitive prices. 


We've shot all the brands of shotgun ammo, and to be honest...they are all pretty much the same.

That being said, Dan and his team have been very good to support our causes and in turn we want to use their product and support Kent Cartridge.


Steve & Selina Elmy have done more for the Canadian hunting scene than anyone can imagine. 

Their work ethic is unmatched and their products are amazing. We're very happy to call this couple and their company good friends of ours. 


 Tag 'Em!! Tuque 'Em!! 

Take 'Em Home Cleanly. 

John at Turkey Tuque has taken a well known product and repurposed it to ensure that your harvested turkey "doesn't leave a bloody mess." 


After the hunt there's a good chance you'll find our team enjoying a cold pint of beer from our friends at Whitewater Brewing Co.

You might even say this is the official "unofficial" beer of Team GoHuntBirds.com


Many geese and ducks have been coaxed into our spread over the years thanks to Big Sean's Calls. 

Although we use several other calls as well, Sean's calls have been a mainstay on all of our lanyards since he started his company back in 2010.


The boys at Turkey Slayer have been supporters of GHB since day one!! Makers of custom slate and mouth calls, we have used their products to lure in many, many Jakes and Toms over the years.


For over 10 years, DPA have been outfitting Canadians with the best in Waterfowl gear, and our team is an avid supporter of this company. Located in Laval, Quebec, they ship all over the continent with excellent service. 


Chanse at Moonpie has developed a name for himself as one of Canada's best custom call makers. Give him a shout to have him design you a unique call for your lanyard, but be prepared to get in line because his calls are very much sought after.


Ian and Carlin from The Real Outdoor Experience always try to "Keep it Real" and focus their series of videos on education from field to plate. We always enjoy sharing the blind with these two outdoor enthusiasts.


The clothing you wear while hunting will determine how long you spend in the blind. If you are cold, wet, or uncomfortable then you won't be hunting long. We gave Sitka Gear a try two years ago and made the switch.    


Blake and the crew at Fowled Reality were a huge help with the inception of GHB. Their series of hunting videos were an inspiration to us to help promote the bird hunting lifestyle, and we still view their episodes religiously.


Pete and his crew of guides have been buddies of ours for a couple of years and we always enjoy talking fowl with these guys. 


Our friend Adrian Taylor is one of the most honest and hardworking bird hunting guides in the business. 

We try and hunt with him at least once a year and we have no problem recommending others to do the same.