Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys a guide service?


We are not a guide service.

When people do join us for a hunt, it's most often because they have become friends of ours or we are trying to introduce them to bird hunting. 

Are you guys professional hunters?


We will say that we are good at what we do, but we are by no means professionals. 

Our goal is to have fun while we hunt and try and promote the bird hunting lifestyle that we have all adopted to others. 

How do I get invited to #DuckCamp or #TurkeyCamp?

It's simple - we invite people who are supporters of our brand and are advocates for bird hunting in their own corners of the world. 

We actively watch to see who's trying to unselfishly promote our brand and those are the people who find themselves with an invite in their mailbox. 

How do I get on the "Pro Staff"?

You don't...because we don't have one. 

How many cigars does Ron smoke on a hunt?


He refers to them as his "Thermacells"...

Are you looking for more team members?

Our core "team" is made up of guys who all work together to make our "machine" move forward. We all contribute, we all scout, we all chip in financially and therefore we are all subsequently rewarded with a good thing - success.

We are never "looking" for new members, however when we meet someone who we think fits the mold, that's when we bring in new blood.