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The Hunting Film Tour 2018

Come out and enjoy the hip vibe, meet new friends and connect with old ones, enjoy some awesome prize draws over intermission and share some laughs and stories. We have a lineup of conservation minded, fair chase films that capture the essence of the experience we all love so much, showcasing a series of wicked adventures captured on the Big Screen!! You won't want to miss this event!!

Come Join Us!!

The Hunting Film Tour - January 27, 2018

The premise behind this event is simple....

Gather some of the best hunting films of the year and showcase them at a "night at the movies" amongst friends. 

Throw in some prizes, raffles and free gear and we have the makings of a great party. 

Heck we're even going to have pizza, popcorn and some beers. 

We held this event two years ago and it was a huge success, so after a year off, we're back at it. 

We really hope to see you there and we hope that you bring your friends. 

Proceeds will benefit: