About Us


It started with an idea.

The guys in our hunting club were looking for a way to unite bird hunters together and to help bird hunters both old and new share resources and teach each other. 

We wanted to develop a brand that would allow us to reach out to other bird hunters and develop a "network" of friends that could work together to have a better overall hunting experience. 


Then it got a name.

So we took what we were already doing (sharing bird hunting) and slapped a brand name on it that was was going to showcase the "fun" in hunting birds and hopefully get away from the commercialism and competitive nature of hunting birds. 

We also wanted to build camaraderie amongst other bird hunters who were spread out over different geographical areas by taking advantage of today's social media platforms.


Now it's a brand.

Now over six years later, our brand has become recognized in the bird hunting circles as the group of guys who have integrated bird hunting into their everyday lives. 

We've developed friendships with many diverse bird hunters from all over North America and the world and our group of friends has drastically grown from a small group of buddies into a large network of bird hunting fanatics.